What to Expect in an Online Class

Online classes are made up of a combination of live synchronous sessions with your professor and your classmates, and asynchronous content (such as readings, pre-recorded videos, and quizzes) that you complete before or after your live sessions.

Live Sessions

Live sessions are held via Zoom or another video/audio conferencing tool. Your professors will invite you to Google Calendar events or share video conferencing links for their respective classes. If your faculty share a link we recommend that you save it in a place where you can easily locate it. Consider adding these links to your work calendar for easy tracking.

Asynchronous Content

The asynchronous content will vary depending on your faculty member but could include handouts, readings, audio files, videos, and quizzes among other things. These materials will most often be located within Sakai. With the new online format, some face-to-face time may be replaced with asynchronous content. This means you will have even more responsibility for when you complete coursework, so self-motivation and self-discipline will be key to your success. These tools for successful time management might help to keep you on track.