Online Privacy

Advice to Notre Dame Students


Notre Dame students should keep the following general principles in mind:

  • The classroom, whether physical or virtual, is intended to be a safe and secure environment for learning;
  • Trust and collaboration are keys to integrity;
  • Pay careful attention to your instructors’ rules and guidance regarding the sharing of class learning materials, permitted forms of collaboration, and other behaviors related to remote learning and teaching; 
  • You are responsible for maintaining the shared privacy of your class for the benefit of your peers and your instructors as well as yourself;
  • Your instructors may record live class meetings to support classmates that face challenging circumstances and also in order to provide a learning resource for your use. Do not download or share these recordings with anyone, for any reason, without the explicit consent of your instructor;
  • You, your peers, and your instructors may be exposed to unwelcome attention, external harassment, and other intrusive conduct as a result of even well-intentioned public sharing of learning materials;
  • The intentional sharing of learning materials or private information with external groups or individuals, without the written permission of the instructor, represents a breach of trust and a violation of the Honor Code applicable to you; such sharing may lead to sanctions;
  • The deliberate sharing of private images, communications, learning materials or other depictions of other students or your instructors for the purpose of inviting external commentary, ridicule, or embarrassment is an especially egregious violation of trust and University policy that may lead to severe sanctions; and
  • Ultimately our classrooms are communities built on trust and our learning and teaching relies upon a shared sense of respect, integrity, and common purpose.

Our hope is to continue providing a safe environment for online teaching and learning — one in which our sense of connectedness and commitment to mutual support are nurtured. Students may contact Heather Ryan, Director of Community Standards, to report concerns related to online privacy via email ( or phone (574-631-5551). Students may also submit a report via the  Speak Up online formWe call on you to join us affirming those values that make ours such a distinctive community of intellectual fellow travelers and strengthening the bonds that unite us as members of the Notre Dame family.