Honor Code & Academic Integrity

Please be aware of the following prohibition, found in the Undergraduate Academic Code - Addendum for Spring 2020, which has been approved by the Executive Committee of Academic Council and is now in effect:

"If a student is found responsible for an Honor Code violation in a Spring 2020 course, she/he will not be eligible to elect the P/NC option for that class."   

“As a member of the Notre Dame community, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to learn and abide by principles of intellectual honesty and academic integrity, and therefore I will not participate in or tolerate academic dishonesty.”

As we move into our first week of remote learning, we are hopeful that we will remember that we are still a part of this community, even when we are separated, and even when concerns over the health of our loved ones and are ever-present. 

You should make sure that you follow your professors' instructions regarding collaboration, citation, and the use of online resources. If you have questions about what is allowed, please ask them. If you have questions about faculty, staff, or student responsibilities under the Honor Code, you can read more in the Procedural Appendix to our Honor Code, found here.

No one will be watching you as you work on your assignments, and your instructors will have no way of knowing if you have completed them honestly. But you will likely always remember that you needed to leave campus during a global pandemic, and the choices that you make this semester will stay with you.

Have Questions? During these latter weeks of Spring Semester 2020 when those in our community are geographically dispersed, please feel free to contact Dr. Ardea Russo (Faculty Honor Code Officer) or Rev. Hugh Page, Jr. (Co-Chair, University Committee on the Honor Code) should you have questions or require assistance.